Glyde CGM

GluSense is developing GlydeTM CGM – a long-term injectable continuous glucose sensor.  Glyde CGM includes a miniature implant, injected under the skin, and an external wearable device that reads glucose data from the implant.  Calibrated glucose values are displayed on the wearable device and transmitted to a smartphone application.  Glyde implant is designed for long term use and will be able to operate for a full year.

Glyde System

The main challenge in developing an implantable sensor is maintaining long term functionality.  Glyde implant senses glucose using a fluorescent biosensor protein that changes its optical properties upon selectively binding to glucose.  Optical measurement is done by the combined operation of the implant and the wearable device.   As in all sensing technologies, the active material, in our case the biosensor, decays over time.  In GluSense we solved this challenge by constantly replenishing the biosensor in-situ, thus preventing the biosensor lifetime from limiting the functional lifetime of the implant.  Biosensor replenishment is achieved using modified live cells, safely encapsulated inside the device, that constantly produce the biosensor in-situ.   GluSense patented, innovative technology is unique in its potential for truly long term operation that may reach a full year or longer.